Welcome! Thank you for your interest in SilverMapleSolutionsTV powered by PHOTAVIA®.
We’re honored to share our unique content with you and SMSTV has developed this channel as part of an exclusive agreement with PHOTAVIA.


You are part of a community that is going to experience something new in broadcasting. Our current vision, we are focused on developing therapeutic content delivered on digital screens and we curate these documentaries featuring iconic images from The Life Picture Collection that engage, educate, and enhance experiences. 


Focusing on healthcare, senior living, memory care, dementia, and Alzheimer’s we are changing the world.


Our mission to create engagement, to educate and to promote the human spirit is reflected in our G-rated programming. In a world that moves so fast, it's nice to take "A Moment in Time" to relax, learn or even just sit and remember and share with each other.  

Please tell your friends and colleagues as you are an early adopter of this type of programming and we hope to reach as many as possible in a very short time. We thank you again for your support of SilverMapleSolutionsTV!
Be well. Stay safe.

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